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DJ Name: Perception Of Sound

Location: Russian Federation

City: Moscow

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Perception of Sound is an emerging Russian electronic duo. Born in 1984 in a minor city of Nevinnomyssk, Mikhail Korolev and Evgeny Semenchenko had their paths crossed both in the regular school and at the doors of the music college. Same musical tastes eventually led to a collaboration that resulted in several own tracks. Change of residence to Moscow had opened an opportunity to be embraced by the whole diversity of electronic styles and to have a look-see at the legendary musicians, such as Underworld, DJ Tiesto, Faithless, Armin Van Buuren,Richie Hawtin. This exposure itself became the driving force to their talent growth. Each of the participants states that it takes considerable effort to create a worthy and interesting track. Work on the track is not limited to arranging a composition in a predefined style, but involves experimenting with the sound as a whole. Complementing each other's efforts, the two masterminds seek perfection in the concept of every composition, finding the new edges of the electronic sound. The musicians themselves define their position in what became their motto "We don't create music that is up to the mainstream trends, we're more into the next leap forward".

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